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Street Survival for Professional Law Enforcement Officers – How to Fight Verbally

June 28th, 2022

The radio blares a hot call, your adrenalin shoots through the roof, the lights come on and you race quickly to the given location. It’s BS once again. No gun, no knife or bleeding victim on the ground, but you do have a couple of angry people out their shouting at each other. If you know how to fight verbally, you can get through this type of situation without having to be physical with the subjects that are probably not in a state of mind to be reasonable. In this article, I cover five tips on how to fight verbally that have worked for me, time and again – and they can work for you too in most situations:

How to fight verbally tip #1: Give a command of equal value to both parties. Generally I separate them by saying you go over there and you come over here with me. This technique does a couple of things for you. First, it establishes control. Second, it shows fairness in the eyes of all parties involved. It is best to deal with the most hostile party first.

How to fight verbally tip #2: Ask them what is wrong. This shows that you want to listen to their problem. If they are being completely unreasonable or irrational and you have to raise your voice in an aggressive manner at them to gain compliance, bring it back down quickly by saying something like, “now that I have your attention, I need you to focus so that you can tell me your side of the story…” The ability to control your own vocal tone can go a long way towards effecting the subjects/suspects in the way that you want.

At this point, if they fail to comply tell them to stop and desist their disorderly behavior. If these words come out of your mouth, the next step is arrest for disorderly conduct. No more warnings, but let them know it is their choice to decide the outcome. They may not like the options, but at least they have a choice ie…quit being irrational or go to jail.

How to fight verbally tip #3: Whatever the outcome is, take 30 more seconds to explain to them why you did what you did. They may not agree with your decision, but if they know why you made the one that you did, most times it is easier for them to accept it. When dealing with irrational and angry people, you sometimes need to speak the same way you would if you were disciplining your own child.

How to fight verbally tip #4: Advise all parties of their options. As a professional law enforcement officer (LEO), you will go on calls involving disputes all the time – where neighbors will antagonize the other party, and then call the police to get them into trouble.

So, it’s important to understand that, when you arrive, you will have a disorderly, angry and even irrational individual that needs to be advised and calmed… and a sneaky guy who sits back with a smirk on his face. Well, the so called “victim” needs to be aware of his options as well. Do not hesitate to tell people you are not a tool for them to use to get at their neighbor if the situation calls for it.

How to fight verbally tip #5: When it’s time to stop talking, STOP talking and take action. Make an arrest, defend yourself or whatever it is that you have to do. But either way…stop talking and take action.! Don’t stand their issuing warning after warning like a mother with an unruly child. Doing so undermines your authority, makes you look weak and ineffective, and makes the suspects feel like they have the control in the situation!